Todd McFarlane: ‘Spawn’ Reboot Script May Be Set By Mid-Year

by Thomas Tuna

Some good–and bad–news from this reboot from Hell.

The long-gestating remake of 1997’s Spawn–starring Michael Jai White as the hellish Image Comics anti-hero–has had its share of ups and down, and creator Todd McFarlane recently added to that roller coaster of information.

Speaking to CBR, McFarlane noted that the film “is finally going to be a reality. I’ve always said everything is going to get driven by what that means. So, we’re working on the next round of drafts on the script now. We’ve added the Captain America and Joker writers to this process.”

Expounding on the additions of screenwriters Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon, McFarlane added that “we’re all hoping to have a script that we can sell by mid-year.” Just one caveat: the potential strike by writers, actors and/or directors.

That strike–if it happens–“may alter how fast or slow we may have to work around some of these unexpected work stoppages,” McFarlane said. “But, short of that, the goal is to be out there in the middle of the year. Hopefully, by then we can say we’ve sold it, we have the studio, we have the backing and we have a production date we’re aiming toward.”

Jamie Foxx is still attached to star in the Blumhouse Productions project, but it’s unclear if McFarlane–one of the film’s producers–will also sit in the director’s chair, as rumored. So, stay tuned.

The original Spawn–directed by Mark A.Z. Dippe from a screenplay by Alan B. McElroy–follows the murdered Lt. Col. Al Simmons–who is resurrected as Spawn, the reluctant leader of Hell’s legions.

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