Todd McFarlane On ‘Spawn’ Reboot: “Still Have To Sell It”

by Thomas Tuna

Is there any hope for this Hellspawn?

It seems that the long-gestating reboot of 1997’s Spawn is still stuck in its own bizarre form of hibernation–especially as the film deals with the ongoing actors’ and writers’ strikes. And Spawn creator Todd McFarlane doesn’t sound very optimistic about his baby’s immediate future.

Despite a recent upbeat report from producer Jason Blum–“My prediction is maybe we’ll see a Spawn movie in 2025″–McFarlane struck a more somber tone during an interview with Screen Rant.

“We’re right in the middle of a strike,” the writer-artist said. “You’re constantly working on stuff, but then things out of everybody’s control come along. We still have to sell it at some point. Right now, it comes down to the writing, and nothing’s happening now.”

McFarlane took a best stab at a timetable, saying, “my guess is that once the strike gets resolved–hopefully sooner rather than later–that within 60 days, we should be able to actually go into the city and say, ‘Hey, we’re ready’.”

Still and all, he realizes a lot of this is beyond him. “We’ll see,” McFarlane said. “I don’t control any of this. I’m just going along for the ride.”

The reboot does have a few things in its favor. Star Jamie Foxx is still attached, and the screenwriting team of Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon is still in place–but obviously not writing at this time. One key aspect–the film’s director–has yet to be finalized.

The original Spawn–starring Michael Jai White as the hellish Image Comics character–follows the murdered Lt. Col. Al Simmons, who is resurrected as Spawn–the reluctant leader of Hell’s legions.

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