Ten Things You Might Not Know about … House of a 1000 Corpses!

by William Burns
1.  The newscaster who reads the news about the missing cheerleaders is played by Bill Moseley.
2.  In the original ending, Grandpa Hugo is revealed to be Dr. Satan, who in the rough cut was not even called Dr. Satan.
3.  When Denise is lowered into Dr. Satan’s lair, a tape player is also sent down that keeps repeating a slowed down version of Aleister Crowley’s poem “The Poet,” read by Crowley himself.
4.  The robber’s line about “grease paint” and “brains” is a reference to the song “Grease Paint and Monkey Brains” by White Zombie.
5.  Otis and Baby’s bizarre rants during the “home movie” segments are inspired by the Manson family’s supposed home movies and the documentary Manson.
6.  The photos on a poster for two missing young boys are actually pictures of Rob Zombie and his brother as children.
7.  Inside Captain Spaulding’s gas station/museum of horror, behind the cash register on the wall are reproductions of Aleister Crowley’s paintings of demonic figures which were discovered under whitewash in his former Abbey of Thelema, in Cefalu, Italy.
8.  Most of the cutaway scenes (Otis torturing cheerleaders, Baby sleeping with the skeleton) were filmed in Rob Zombie’s basement after principle filming wrapped.
9.  Rob Zombie considered appearing a few seconds into the film as Dr. Wolfenstein. However, after deciding that he would look “normal” no matter what make-up effects were used, he chose not to.
10.  At the end of its theatrical run, House of 1000 Corpses’ per-theater-average  box office was $666 per theater.

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