‘Swamp Thing’, ‘Sandman’ Among New Group Of DC Digital Comics

by Thomas Tuna

Horror comic book fans–and all comics book fans, for that matter–can let out a huge sigh of relief: DC is speeding to the rescue.

With comic book outlets shuttered around the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic–and Diamond Comics Distributors not planning to resume operations until the end of May–DC Comics has decided to expand its DC Digital First program, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

DC’s program, which serializes its comics in a digital format, had concentrated on comics that tied into media adaptations of their books, including the Injustice: Gods Among Us and DC Comics Bombshell series, as well as books connected to The CW’s Arrowverse TV shows.

But the comic book giant is going the extra mile now for comic book-starved fans. The first titles in this new expansion include horror favorite Swamp Thing: New Roots, as well as Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Batman: Gotham Nights and Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace.

DC publisher (and superstar artist) Jim Lee explained the new program this way: ” This strategy is intended to get daily content to fans immediately, and also to ensure that when comic shops open back up for business, they will have new content and product that their customers will want.”

Lee added that regularly scheduled DC print comics, usually available on Wednesdays, “will continue to be available day-and-date digitally on Tuesdays.”

On the other hand, he continued, DC Digital First comics “will be released seven days a week, with a different trade dress that will distinguish these titles from physical versions.”

Additionally, DC also has started “DC Essential Reads,” a new digital promotion “that will release First Issues of a number of best-selling and critically acclaimed runs for free for a limited period,” Lee said.

Horror fans will love this, too. The titles included in this special production include The Sandman No. 1, Watchmen No. 1 and Doomsday Clock No. 1.

All this news follows close on the heels of a recent DC announcement–reported in Horror News Network–that the company will start shipping a limited selection of new comics to North American comic book shops next week, April 28, using new distribution channels.

Just what the world needed in the midst of this coronavirus crisis: New comics are on the way. Keep reading Horror News Network for any new developments in the four-color world of horror and fantasy.

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