Comic ‘Stuff Of Nightmares: Red Murder’ Debuts From R.L. Stine

by Thomas Tuna

This takes comic book fandom to a whole new level.

Acclaimed author R.L. Stine has tackled the four-color world with a new installment in the BOOM! Studios adult horror series Stuff of Nightmares. Check out the cover of Stuff of Nightmares: Red Murder No. 1 by Francesco Francavilla on this page.

The comic–slated to hit shelves Sept. 27–is scripted by Stine (famed for his Goosebumps and Fear Street book series and so much more) and illustrated by Adam Gorham (The Blue Flame). In the book, a real ax murderer is cosplaying as the hatchet-wielding killer in comic book creator Alex Oxaca’s hit series Red Murder, and now he’s “chopping down equally real victims at a horror convention,” according to the synopsis.

Editor Sophie Philips-Roberts called the Stuff of Nightmares series “a vast sandbox in which to tell stories, and with Red Murder, we found the perfect collaborator in Adam (Gorham).”

For his part, Gorham said Stine’s novels were “coveted by many fifth-graders, myself especially. If you told me then that nearly 30 years later, I would be working with the legendary author on a comic book of our own…that’s exactly the kind of opportunity I’d have hoped for as a kid. Which makes this project all the more exciting.”

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