Bela Lugosi’s ‘White Zombie’ Role Gets Action Figure

by Thomas Tuna

A new collectible from White Zombie (the 1932 horror film–not Rob Zombie’s heavy metal bandmates) will make a splash this summer.

Star Ace Toys has crafted a striking 1/6-scale likeness of horror legend Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie character–a baddie named Murder Legendre–that will release in August. Check out the photos of the action figure–courtesy of–on this page.

The new figure will be available in a standard edition–with the Lugosi figure, a wax doll of his victim, a hat, a cloak and dagger and crow–and a deluxe edition–with a diorama base with a light-up function.

The figure alone costs $275 and the deluxe edition–with includes the base, tombstone and a light-up lamp post–costs $398. For anyone interested, the diorama base alone costs $149.

White Zombie–directed by Victor Halperin from a screenplay by Garnett Weston (and based on The Magic Island by William Seabrook)–is considered the first feature-length zombie film. The 1932 low-budget film was released one year after Lugosi’s more famous leading role in Dracula.

The movie–starring Lugosi as Haitian zombie master Murder Legendre and Madge Bellamy–deals with a young woman’s transformation into a zombie. The film opened to negative reviews, but still made a substantial profit for an independent feature. A sequel–Revolt of the Zombies–opened in 1936.

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