Why We Love…Nightbreed!

Way back in the the late 80’s when Pinhead was still a young lad and I was just a starry-eyed, long-haired teenager attending horror conventions and trying very hard to be cool, I found out about an upcoming movie called Nightbreed. There was no internet back in those days so, for a lot of us horror fans, conventions and magazines were how we found out what gruesome flicks were soon to be coming to a theater or a video store near us. I was lucky enough to find out directly from the mouths of Clive Barker and Doug Bradley themselves as they discussed their upcoming film on a panel dedicated to it.


The Monsters (The Nightbreed)…

Nightbreed is all about the monsters. They are, after all, the somewhat “good guys” of the film. Better than the humans at any rate. Peloquin (the guy with the reddish face and dreadlocks) has always been my favorite. Fun fact: Peloquin is played by one of the guys who delivered the mattress to Larry and Julia in Hellraiser (Oliver Parker).


The Story…

Aaron Boone (no relation to the NY Yankee who hit the walk-off homerun off of the Red Sox’ Tim Wakefield in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS) is a normal guy who sees a therapist to discuss his vivid dreams of a place called Midian. According to Boone, Midian is a place where monsters are accepted. His doctor is a fellow named Decker (played by David Cronenberg) who convinces Boone that he is actually a serial killer and gives him some pills which makes him try to kill himself. Boone then ends up in a hospital where he meets Narcisse who is also obsessed with Midian and claims to know where it is (it’s north of Dwyer which always made me happy). After Narcisse cuts his face off because he thinks he’s being tested by Boone, Boone makes the trip to Midian for himself.


The Real Monsters (Humans)…

Boone’s doctor Decker turns out to be a real asshole, not to mention a serial killer. The cops are real pricks as well and the priest is a drunk. #RealLife


The Showdown…

Decker convinces the cops that they need to head out to Midian right away to rid the place of the monsters there. Some rad ass fighting in these scenes and we lose some great characters (I’ll never tell who). Boone even unleashes the beserkers! If you need to ask, watch the movie.


The Cabal Cut & The Director’s Cut…

For years and years and years and years there was talk about how unhappy Clive Barker was with the movie. He felt that the studio did not properly market it and then cut the hell out of it, leaving it unfinished in his eyes. For years, everyone believed the cut footage to be lost but in 2009 a 155 minute version was found and was being shown around the country under the title “The Cabal Cut” (named after the title of Barker’s book Cabal that Nightbreed originated from). In 2013, Barker struck a deal with Shout Factory in which he took some footage from the unreleased parts and made a cut that he agrees with. The Director’s Cut of Nightbreed contains 40 minutes of new and altered footage.


Final Thoughts…

Even before I knew anything about missing footage, “Cabal cuts” or director’s cuts, Nightbreed was one of my favorite movies and Cabal was one of my favorite Barker books. If you haven’t seen Nightbreed, please try to get your hands on a copy of the director’s cut and do yourself a favor. Trust me, the tribes of the moon will embrace you too.


Stay gory my friends,

Larry Dwyer

Larry Dwyer
Larry Dwyer has been writing for Horror News Network since 2012. Catch up with him on Twitter at @LarryDwyer and read his in-depth bio on our About Us page.

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