Zombie Wonderland

Zombie Wonderland now available

Zombie Wonderland is now available on the Apple App Store! Get ready! Grab your handy shotgun and your mop because the undead are coming! Residents of Niceville are terrified of the zombie infestation and there’s only one person they know who does house calls. Chuck the most qualified (and only) zombie cleaner in Niceville. Direct Chuck to take out those shuffling zombies in five different locations of Niceville – Oh, and no one likes a messy houseguest, so clean up those zombie guts!

Zombie Wonderland is the frenetic new undead blaster, where staying on top of your chores is as important as keeping both barrels trained on the next unwanted, zombie visitor. Fun, fast and engaging it plays like a defense shootem up in 3D. Be sure to strategize and manage your time as you run from window to window blasting the undead whilst cleaning up the mess left by the ones that got through. The residents of Niceville are depending on you – so LOCK and LOAD!

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Zombie Wonderland
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