Zombie Thriller ‘Reality Z’ Comes To Netflix This Month

by Thomas Tuna

The zombie apocalypse travels South of the Border next week, compliments of an original Netflix horror film set in Rio de Janeiro.

Reality Z–which debuts on Netflix June 10–tells the horrific story of reality game show contestants seeking shelter in a TV studio when a zombie outbreak strikes the former capital city, as reported by meaww.com (Media, Entertainment, Arts Worldwide).

The initial season of the show–based on the British series Dead Set–will run for 10 episodes. The official storyline explains that “as zombies attack Rio de Janeiro, reality TV show contestants hunker down in a TV studio, where they must deal with more than flesh-eating hordes.”

These hapless victims of yet another zombie epidemic are “participants and producers of a reality show called OlimpoThe House of the Gods–in its elimination night. The studio becomes a shelter (when) chaos and hopelessness begin to rule.” (check out the official trailer below).

Reality Z–produced in partnership with Conspiracao Filmes–was first announced during Rio Creative Conference’s Primetime panel April 24, 2019.

The show is directed by Claudio Torres and Rodrigo Monte, and is based on a script by Torres, best known for The Invisible Woman (2009) and The Man From The Future (2011).

The cast includes Guilherme Weber (as the producer of the fictional reality show), Jesus Luz, Ana Hartmann, Emilio de Mello, Carla Ribas, Luellem de Castro, Ravel Andrade and Sabrina Sato.

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