Zombie Sweeper screenshots

by Rob Caprilozzi

Here are some new screenshots from the Zombie Sweeper game which was released in February.

Get ready to enjoy this most challenging defense action game, Zombie Sweeper where your job is to avoid the surging zombies coming from both left and right sides. Simply touch left and right onto screen to kill the zombies based on their upcoming timing. If you touch incorrectly caused by the missing of timing, you will place yourself under the risky situation. Tap onto an icon at top of screen or the main character to change your currently chosen weapons. You are able to employ special weapons by running a certain time. Zombie Sweeper iPhone game provides you 30 kinds of different weapons and 10 types of unusual special weapons. It features weapon upgrade system to upgrade your weapons with special ability and several effects. Submit your best score over Facebook & Twitter to compete with others around the world.

Check out the Zombie Sweeper screenshots.

Zombie Sweeper horror game

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