Zombie Film ‘Among The Dead’ In The Planning Stages

by Thomas Tuna

Maybe zombies are just misunderstood.

Among the Dead–a found-footage zombie “mockumentary”–is being produced by People of Culture Studios and the Japanese talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo, according to a report in Variety.

Andrew Cosby of People of Culture Studios–and screenwriter of 2019’s Hellboy–wrote the script for the new film, along with Patrick Hasson and Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria. Cosby also serves as the film’s producer, alongside Wada Ryoichi (Ghost in the Box).

Among the Dead is set in a world that is “finding its equilibrium after an undead apocalypse,” according to the synopsis. “One emotionally unstable man abandons his family and friends to live among the last remaining zombies before they are all gone.”

The man “hopes to better understand the zombies and document their final days–but his efforts become a document of his final days instead.” Zombie Culture 101.

With so many questions hanging in the air concerning this project, keep reading Horror News Network for further updates on Among the Dead.


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