Zombie Chronicles Series Completed

by Rob Caprilozzi

Doug Plomitallo of Scared Stiff let us know that his Zombie Chronicles series is now complete. You can watch the episodes below.


Part 1: Dystopia

At the end of humanity, three groups of survivors hear a radio call from a mysterious man on the radio. He states that he has food, ammo and a survival plan for the first person who can make it to the radio station alone. A race to the finish ensues as the six survivors try to be first to make it to the radio station as it appears to be their last hope for survival. This is the first of a four part series.


Part 2: Odyssey

The journey to the radio station begins in part 2 of “The Zombie Chronicles”!


Part 3: Breaking Point

The race to the radio station reaches it’s breaking point. Who will make it to the radio station first, and who will be left behind? Find out in the explosive part 3 of “The Zombie Chronicles”!


Part 4: Revelations

The road has come to an end. The final survivor has made it to the radio station. What plan does the mysterious man have and what does the future hold for mankind? Find out in the exciting conclusion to “The Zombie Chronicles”!


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