Zombie Charge Adds Another Date

by Rob Caprilozzi

The guys over at Zombie Charge have added another date to the “Mud-n-Blood” tour. Get ready Miami, Florida as Zombie Charge makes it’s way down to you in October.

“Zombie Charge is an EPIC 5k run course with obstacles, wooded trails, mud, gravel hills, a few surprises…& yeah, it’s infested with ZOMBIES. You can run the course by yourself or in teams & try to evade the zombies chasing you trying to steal your life (your flags) OR you can participate as a Zombie to do the chasing & scaring yourself!

Are you fast enough or smart enough to survive this zombie infestation or are you too scared? Will you fall victim to the zombie charge? Our Zombie-Walkers hate fast food, but the Zombie Chargers love the challenge the working up their appetites by trying to run you down.”

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