Zombie Burst Coming Soon to the AppStore for iPhone

by Rob Caprilozzi

Join the fight against the undead after water contamination turns 99% of humankind into pimple-headed Zombies! CatFoster Media, a publisher of innovative gaming apps for mobile and tablet devices, puts a unique spin on the ever thrilling zombie hunt with Zombie Burst, an entertaining level-up app that puts you in the shoes of the only human being left on earth that’s strong enough to destroy the persistent and deadly zombies. Zombie Burst will be available for iPhone™ in the App®Store later this month and will launch on other platforms in the coming months. In Zombie Burst you find yourself the sole survivor of a vicious zombie infection and you must use your freakishly strong hands against the ruthless biting zombie machines by popping their pimple-like heads with your fingers in order to burst their brains and fight your way out of Chicago. With ten horrifying levels to play through, you must burst countless brains and keep your vision clear of gooey brain remnants in order to unlock achievements, score points and see if you have what it takes to own the leaderboard in this frightfully fun adventure! Beware of the Zombie bite, the poisonous blows determine your fate. 

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Zombie Burst horror game

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