Zombie B.C. #1 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Mike Peluso

Writer: Stephen Vold
Artist: Steven Williams
Release Date:
Rating: 8 out of 10

Synopsis: Zombie B.C. will be a 30 page full color comic and the first of a 3 part graphic novel spanning multiple eras of human existence. You will encounter one of the first recorded zombie outbreaks in the history of mankind. An unseen narrator tells the story of how the outbreak spreads and how our ancient ancestors struggled to survive. 

Our Thoughts:  “Life is a continuous struggle”.  Especially when dealing with a zombie outbreak in a time without inventions like automobiles or bullets!  Stephen Vold’s “Zombie B.C.” sure won’t get confused for a Flintstones Halloween Special.  Vold’s prehistoric depiction of a zombie outbreak is fresh and unique which is uncommon for the infected genre now-a-days.  The narration in “Zombie B.C.” is superb and makes you feel like your reading a National Geographic documentary on Stone Age cannibalism. 

Steven William’s artwork within Zombie B.C. is excruciatingly excellent and paints a brutal picture of what cavemen might due to survive a horde of primitive undead.  I must admit if there was one civilization that would hold their own during a zombie outbreak it would be those animalistic survivors of the Stone Age.  

Zombie B.C. does well to bring the familiarity of a zombie comic into a new setting that’s ironically millions of years in the past.  It’s a fresh take on fiendish flesh and is a book that must be checked out.  “Zombie B.C.” is out now!    

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