Zack Snyder Won’t Hit The Road With ‘Ghost Rider’

by Thomas Tuna

Zack Snyder–fresh off his Army of the Dead–is a hot horror commodity right now. But it looks like he’s not interested in resurrecting the cinematic career of Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

Snyder–who also has an impressive super-hero resume with Man of SteelBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League–reportedly shot down recent internet rumors that had him in the director’s chair for a new Ghost Rider, according to

During a recent interview regarding Army of the Dead, the director was asked about him tackling a Ghost Rider film. While he may like the supernatural, skull-faced anti-hero, Snyder seemed taken aback and was mildly amused by the notion.

“Oh really,” he said. “I don’t know that. It’s kind of fun, I gotta be honest. It’s cool.” But when asked if a Ghost Rider movie with him at the helm was “a done deal,” as rumored, Snyder said flat out, “No. But no, it’s not.”

That being said, many horror fans would likely want a filmmaker of Snyder’s caliber to remake the mostly disappointing 2007 Ghost Rider starring Nicolas Cage. That film was not a hit with critics or fans of the character, but it made enough at the box office–$228 million worldwide–to warrant a sequel.

So Cage returned for 2011’s Ghost RiderSpirit of Vengeance, but the reviews were even worse (even though it still pulled in $132 million from theaters). After that, Cage reportedly said he was done with the character, effectively killing a planned follow-up film.

Now, with Snyder out of the picture, the question is: With Marvel having so much on its plate right now, will the studio actively pursue a Ghost Rider remake? Rumors have even had Keanu Reeves connected to a possible Ghost Rider film. They’re just rumors, but many fans are salivating over that idea.

So, keep reading Horror News Network for the latest on any possible Ghost Rider remake or sequel, and for everything on Zack Snyder’s agenda.

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