‘Wrong Turn’ Reboot Gets Release Date, New Trailer

by Thomas Tuna

Once again, it’s not safe to go into the woods.

The Saban Films reboot of the 2003 slasher classic Wrong Turn will hit theaters for a one-night only event Jan. 26, 2021 before it’s released digitally at a later date next year, as reported by movieweb.com. Fans can get tickets for this special showing starting Jan. 8, 2021 through Fathom Events or at a theater box office.

And a shocking–and tantalizing–trailer for this reimagined film has been unveiled to get fans of the franchise in the proper frame of mind. Check it out on this very page.

This R-rated Wrong Turn–formerly entitled Wrong TurnThe Foundation–is directed by Mike P. Nelson from a screenplay by Alan B. McElroy, who wrote the original movie.

The story follows a group of friends from New York who go for a hike along the Appalachian Trail only to run into serious trouble in the form of The Foundation–a bunch of strange folks who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years and who don’t take well to strangers. Let the mayhem begin.

The reboot stars Matthew Modine (Stranger Things), Damian Maffei (The StrangersPrey at Night), Bill Sage (Hap and Leonard), Emma Dumont (The Gifted), Valerie Jane Parker (Greenleaf), Chaney Morrow (Haunt) and David Hutchinson (American Horror Story).

The original Wrong Turn–directed by Rob Schmidt and written by McElroy–starred Desmond Harrington, Eliza Dushku and Jeremy Sisto. The film told the story of a group of friends on a road trip through West Virginia who become diverted from their planned course and end up victims of a clan of mutated, cannibalistic killers.

The original–hardly a box office giant–grossed $29 million on a $12.6-million budget, but gave birth to two sequels, two prequels and a standalone installment.

Keep reading Horror News Network for any future updates on this new chapter in the Wrong Turn franchise.

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