World War Z Sequel and Friday the 13th Reboot Removed From 2017 Release List

by Nick Banks

The World War Z Sequel and the Friday the 13th Reboot have just been removed from Paramount Pictures 2017 release list according to Deadline.

World War Z Two was originally scheduled to debut on June 9th opposite Universal’s The Mummy, but the film has been plagued by pre-production troubles with original director Juan Antonio Bayona exiting the project last year.  No replacement director has been named at this point, although David Fincher was mentioned as a potential “dream” choice last summer, but reports were probably more wishful thinking than a concrete possibility. The removal of WWZ 2  does work out for Universal, as The Mummy will open unopposed on June 9th, as the studio hopes to launch their very own “Classic Monsters” cinematic universe.

Paramount also removed the Friday the 13th reboot set for October 13th, 2017 from their schedule.  This should come as no surprise, since no director had been named up to this point, nor had any casting announcements been made regarding the potential horror franchise re-starter.  This decision will certainly help Universal again as Insidious 4 is set debut on October 20th, 2017, one week removed from Friday the 13th’s original opening weekend.

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