Wolf Moon #1 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Rob Caprilozzi
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Jeremy Haun
Cover by: Jae Lee
Published by: Vertigo Comics

Synopsis: WOLF MOON is a horrific werewolf hunt unlike any other. When Dillon Chase’s family was slaughtered by the wolf, his life was forever changed. Dillon sets out to destroy the creature, but he soon learns that lycanthropy is far more insidious than the legends ever said. With each full moon, he draws closer to the monster – and with each full moon, he becomes more aware that in order to stop the wolf, he must kill a human being and become a fearful monster himself.

Our thoughts: Werewolf comics are something that there needs to be more of. Thankfully Vertigo Comics delivered the goods in a big way with Wolf Moon.

Let’s start at the top. Cullen Bunn is easily one of the hottest writers in comics today.  He puts together a great first issue that is loaded with blood, guys and most of all, story.  Throughout the story we are introduced to believable characters that have been affected by the creature.  Bunn certainly sets the bar high for the remainder of the series.

Jeremy Haun gets a chance to flex his artistic muscle in this book, and he does not disappoint.  Each page is drawn better than the next. When we see the werewolf unleashed we then realize the true beauty of Haun’s artwork.

With a writer/artist team like this, Wolf Moon is sure to be a smash hit.   Fans of lycanthropes will want to track down this initial issue!

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