‘Wolf Like Me’ Claws Its Way Into Second Season On Peacock

by Thomas Tuna

It’s hard to deny the wolf inside us all.

Wolf Like Me–the Peacock horror/rom com that debuted in January to strong reviews–this week was rewarded with a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show–written and directed by creator Abe Forsythe (Little Monsters)–follows Gary (Josh Gad), a widowed father living in Australia and struggling to raise his daughter (Ariel Donoghue).

Enter Gary’s new girlfriend, Mary (Isla Fisher), who “has a secret she can’t share with anyone, even as the universe seems to be bringing her and Gary together,” according to the logline. And what a secret it is.

Forsythe said he’s “thrilled to be able to continue Mary and Gary’s story into the next phase of their relationship–especially considering the stakes couldn’t be higher. Our crew is already having a lot of fun building on what we created in Season 1.”

Forsythe added that he loves for the audience to go into the series “not knowing where it’s going or what gets revealed as the show progresses. Because if that happens, it’s going to shock and surprise people.”

With no word yet about a debut date for Season 2, keep reading Horror News Network for the next update on Wolf Like Me on Peacock.


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