William Friedkin’s Documentary, The Devil and Father Amorth, Acquired by LD Entertainment

by John Evans

William Friedkin, the legendary director of 1973’s The Exorcist is about to return to the subject matter which first shocked moviegoers nearly 45 years ago! Variety reports that LD Entertainment has acquired worldwide rights to Friedkin’s new real-life documentary entitled The Devil and Father Amorth. The documentary will follow the exorcism practices of Father Gabriele Amorth (May 1st, 1925 – September 16th, 2016), an Italian Roman Catholic priest and exorcist of the Diocese of Rome. 

Variety reports that the documentary will follow Amorth’s work with an Italian woman whose “behavioral changes cannot be helped by psychiatry.” In the film, Friedkin will also compare Amorth’s contemporary exorcism practices with the process Friedkin originally presented in The Exorcist.

Friedkin had this to say about the announcement:

“I’ve never stopped being fascinated by the nature of good and evil, and the possibility of demonic possession. The opportunity for me to witness and film an actual exorcism came about, more than four decades after I made The Exorcist, completely by accident.”

LD’s Mickey Liddell followed up with additional comments:

“I am thrilled to be working again with Billy Friedkin, who is one of the greatest and most prolific filmmakers of our time. This documentary shook me to my core and made me wonder — Could demonic possession really exist?”

A release date for The Devil and Father Amorth has yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more details on this exciting new documentary as they break!


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