Will Jim Hopper Find Peace In Season 5 Of ‘Stranger Things’?

by Thomas Tuna

Is there rest at the end of the journey?

The fifth and final season of Stranger Things on Netflix will likely start shooting sometime next year (no exact date has been announced), and, no doubt, many questions will be answered by the time those shows air sometime in 2024.

But, at least one of the show’s stars–David Harbour–has already put in his vote for a happy ending for his character, Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper.

Harbour–in a recent interview with Total Film–said he doesn’t know how all the chips will fall in Season 5, but he believes Hopper deserves some peace. “I believe in a fundamental morality in storytelling,” he said, “and that characters should get what they deserve. And I certainly think that Hopper is someone who’s been through a lot.”

The character “deserves peace,” Harbour continued, “so I’d like to see that achieved. But the big question is: Do the Duffers believe in the big turkey dinner at the end of A Christmas Carol? I wonder myself. I’m very curious to see how it unfolds.”

For their part, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer are keeping their Season 5 cards close to the vest, but they did divulge that the final season will be spent largely in Hawkins and the Upside Down. “The big reveals coming in Season 5 are really about the Upside Down itself,” Ross Duffer said.

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