Will ‘Halloween Ends’ Really Be The Final Chapter?

by Thomas Tuna

Every horror fan knows by now that Halloween Kills is right around the corner, and that Halloween Ends will debut next October…but will the classic franchise carry on after “the end”?

Well, a recent report on comicbook.com lends credence to the hope that John Carpenter’s original vision may live on in some form.

Blumhouse Productions–which has teamed up with Universal Pictures on the current Halloween trilogy–may have further plans for Michael Myers. Jason Blum, while acknowledging there are no concrete plans for more movies in the iconic series at this time, said in a recent interview that he would be “thrilled” at the prospect of keeping the juggernaut rolling.

“We made an arrangement for three movies,” Blum said. “I would love to extend it, but we’re very busy making sure the third movie is spectacular. That’s our immediate job. If it goes beyond that, I’d be thrilled.”

What form any additional films would take is a matter of conjecture. Jamie Lee Curtis, the lynchpin of the series, has indicated that her involvement will likely stop after Halloween Ends. So, would another film delve into new territories in the Halloween mythos?

Ryan Freimann, one of the producers on the current trilogy, said “there are other ways and other mediums in which to explore this franchise.” He said everyone is concentrating on Halloween Ends now, but he left the door open to “explore other areas of the Halloween universe. I think after this many films, we have to look at other places–just to get a little more creative.”

The R-rated Halloween Kills–scheduled for theaters and Peacock on Oct. 15–is directed by David Gordon Green from a screenplay he wrote with Scott Teems and Danny McBride. The film picks up immediately after the event of 2018’s Halloween, and sees Laurie Strode (Curtis) rallying the citizens of Haddonfield in an attempt to finally destroy Michael Myers.

The cast also includes Judy Greer as Laurie’s daughter Karen, Andi Matichak as her granddaughter Allyson, Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers, Robert Longstreet as Lonnie Elam, Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle and James Jude Courtney as Myers (with a cameo by Nick Castle).

Keep reading Horror News Network for the latest on Halloween Kills–and for any updates on Halloween Ends, which hits theaters Oct. 14, 2022 (and may or may not be the last word on the Halloween franchise).


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