Will Any Roads Lead Back To The Perils Of ‘Zombieland’?

by Thomas Tuna

It might take a while, but another Zombieland may peek over the horizon…some day.

Ruben Fleischer–who directed the original 2009 Zombieland and its 2019 sequel–seemed eager during a recent interview to leap back into the undead foray, but that 10-year gap between films also seems to appeal to him, according to a report on movieweb.com.

When asked about a possible third installment in the franchise, Fleischer didn’t mince words. “Yeah,” he said, “I’d do it tomorrow. We joked that it should be every 10 years because the second movie was 10 years–almost to the day–from the first.”

He added that he likes the notion that “maybe in 2029, we’ll get back to that world with those people who would certainly be fun to see. You know, what are they up to with that much time passed?”

The filmmaker said it was one of the original stars, Emma Stone, who first suggested doing a film every decade. “She made the joke that we can literally do it forever because Woody (Harrelson) is gonna outlive us all,” Fleischer said.

“So, as long as there’s a desire for it–and the cast is up for it–I’d be thrilled to reunite with those guys,” he added. “It was the greatest experience of my career.”

The original Zombieland–helmed by Fleischer from a screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick–stars Harrelson, Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin.

The storyline follows a geeky college student (Eisenberg) who, while making his way through a post-apocalyptic world of zombies, meets up with three strangers and embarks on an extended trip across the Southwest to escape the undead hordes.

The film–which earned more than $102 million on a $23-million budget–spawned the 2019 sequel ZombielandDouble Tap.

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