Where Monsters Dwell #1 Sneak Peek

by Brian Uhe

Marvel Comics has provided us a sneak peek of the new Where Monsters Dwell comic.

Dinosaurs! Dogfights! Dames! Danger! This book has it all!

Enter the Valley of Flame, Battleworld’s home to prehistoric monstrosities and many other deadly creatures. Stranded amidst its Pterodactyl-filled skies? Karl Kaufmann, the high-flying aerial ace known as the Phantom Eagle! Marooned in this new world alongside socialite Clementine Franklin-Cox, he’ll face down dinosaurs, cannibals, and the worst that Secret Wars has to offer from inside the cockpit of his biplane!

32 pages
May 27

Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Russ Bruan
Covers by Frank Cho and Alex Maleev







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