‘What to Expect in the World of Horror in 2018’ Prediction Results

by John Evans

January 1st, 2018 was such an exciting time for horror fans! Big projects were being announced, everyone was fired up about the upcoming Halloween movie, and conventions were beginning to announce some incredible guests. Just like The Legendary Criswell, I made a few predictions on that day about what we can expect in the world of horror in 2018, and I promised to revisit my premonitions in December. Well, here we are… so let’s see how I did!

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It tu, Brute?

What I Predicted:

“I expect to see more studios catching on to the formula which made It such a major success (smooth out any rough edges and produce a mainstream picture which looked and felt more like a studio film tailor-made for an IMAX screen than any of its horror contemporaries).”

What Happened in 2018:

A Quiet Place became the 12th highest grossing film of 2018, earning $188 million and beating out big budget action features like Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Ready Player One. This PG-13 horror offering wowed audiences and critics alike, and its non-violent, non-confrontational storytelling drew in viewers who weren’t traditional horror fans. Halloween (2018) made nearly as great of a killing as A Quiet Place, netting $159 million and beating out those same exact aforementioned studio tentpoles. Given its reliance on grisly or comical moments over coherent storytelling, this new Michael Myers/Laurie Strode flick most certainly borrowed more from the tired and true studio formulas than the independent filmmaking tactics originally employed by John Carpenter back in 1978, and it paid off (financially).

Meanwhile, the grittier and edgier (and better) horror films of 2018 which were aimed directly at seasoned horror audiences earned much less at the box office. Hereditary took in $44 million and Suspiria (2018) earned just $2.4 million.

2018: The Year We Look Backward

What I Predicted:

“Luke Skywalker is in another Star Wars movie! Harrison Ford is back as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 2049! John Goodman’s Dan is alive in the Roseanne reboot! There’s nothing more refreshing to fans than the safety net of nostalgia. The future is scary- and so are its unknown original intellectual properties- so more and more production companies are looking at the proven successes of the past to mine sort-of new material…  What else woulds fill seats in theaters quite like Robert Englund returning as Freddy Krueger for one last battle with Heather Langenkamp’s Nancy Thompson? Or Doug Bradley donning his infamous Pinhead makeup for a Hellraiser reboot?”

What Happened in 2018:

Jordan Peele chose to follow up on the tremendous success of Get Out with two reboots of classic franchises: The Twilight Zone and Candyman. It’s too early to tell if The Twilight Zone will feature any classic storylines or characters, or if Candyman will usher in the return of Tony Todd, but Peele’s clout in the industry will certainly bring serious attention to these long-dormant franchises.

While my more specific predictions- such as the original stars from A Nightmare on Elm Street or Hellraiser returning for new movies- haven’t happened yet, Robert Englund did guest star in costume as Freddy Krueger on the Halloween episode of The Goldbergs this year!

Convention Congestion

What I Predicted:

“photo opportunities with their favorite actors in the iconic makeup and costumes of their respective roles… Couple this with great new guests entering the scene by the minute, and I expect conventions to be stickier, sweatier, and more hectic than ever before!

What Happened in 2018:

In-costume photo ops continue to please fans and photo op companies alike, and 2018 saw Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, and numerous Jason Voorhees actors slip back into their classic duds for special appearances. Huge actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeff Goldblum made rare appearances across the country, and conventions certainly got stickier, sweatier, and more hectic than ever before! Without naming any names, there were stories all over the web this year about big conventions reaching capacity and fans with paid tickets being shut out of venues for extended periods of time. With the kinds of guests now being offered, demand is greater than ever before, and seasoned convention veterans have been conditioned to expect these kinds of inconveniences to come with the territory at these massive shows.

Pictured: Tom Atkins and Me, Photo by HNN Photographer Nick Banks

The Walking Desperation

What I Predicted:

I expect Carl(‘s death) is just the tip of the iceberg as this franchise tries to lure back some of its lost viewership, seemingly unaware of the fact that it’s stunts like these which drove them away in the first place… Buckle your seat belt, because the sky is the limit for what you might see if you’re still watching The Walking Dead in 2018!

What Happened in 2018:

We here at HNN painstakingly covered the continual ratings decline of The Walking Dead in 2018. Coincidentally, the viewership is steadily declining in spite of (or maybe because of) the highly-publicized departures of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick, Lauren Cohan’s Maggie, and Tom Payne’s Jesus. Lincoln’s departure as Rick was easily the most ridiculous of the series’ stunts in 2018, as it was announced on Talking Dead  just 10 minutes after his final moments on the show that Lincoln will return as the character for a series of upcoming TV movies!

I must say, my predictions were pretty darn good! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2018. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more predictions for the future of horror, and complete coverage of the fate of our beloved genre and favorite franchises as it unfolds in real time!


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