Walking Dead Season 3-Most Memorable Moments

by Christine Caprilozzi

By Christine Caprilozzi , Sr. Editor

The Walking Dead Season 3 Most Memorable Moments

The Taking of the Prison:
The beginning season 3 did not waste time with the action. The taking of the prison was an in your face assault of zombie blood and guts. It was also a HUGE wakeup call of how the group had changed over the long cold winter in the woods fighting walkers. Maggie went from farm girl to ass kicking machine, starting off with the knife in the zombie’s throat.

Good God..where to begin. Andrea’s bad decision making left many fans just despising her. I’m not sure what’s more memorable her standing over a sleeping Governor with a knife, or tied to a chair trying to pick up a pair of pliers with her toes. Whatever the case, Andrea played a central role this season and left her mark on every scene she was in. All I can say is, she should’ve listened to Carol!

Michonne vs the Governor:
Michonne…you had me at “I’ll stab your eye out.” With other members of the group coming in contact with the Governor, Michonne was the only one who really took action. After killing zombie Penny, she whoops the Governors ass and stabs his eye out. This made for a really brutal and intense scene. Michonne proves right there she is true force to be reckoned with.

Taped up Glenn vs Zombie:
This scene here was huge for the character of Glenn. After Merle beats him bloody and duct tapes him to a chair, he leaves him in a room with a walker. Well, the first two seasons we saw Glenn as sort of meek, not as tough as Rick or Daryl, but this scene changed it all. Motivated for his love for Maggie, we saw a transformation in Glenn where he just unleashed the beast on this walker. The guy is duct taped to a chair and still manages to kill the zombie to get back to his girl. The scene was just crazy, and one that pretty much bans people from ever calling Glenn “walker bait” again.

The Finale:
The most memorable aspect of the Season 3 finale was that, for the most part, it was not as action packed as the season that led up to it. There was the stunning death of Andrea, and of course the intriguing, sinister change in young Carl. However, the episode is absolutely one of the most memorable because it has been debated and its merit will continue to be debated by “Walking Dead” fans everywhere.

Merle Zombie:
Merle. As much as you wanted to hate him, he was an outrageous character who really like to mix things up. Michael Rooker was perfect as Merle. A violent man, loose cannon, but also a loyal brother and at the end of it all a man on the road to redemption. The scene where Daryl finds him as a zombie is really unforgettable. The way the camera just focuses on Merle’s eyes and the point at which Daryl realizes that his brother‘s body is there but he’s dead inside, is extremely powerful. Also memorable since we actually see tough guy, Daryl Dixon cry.

Lori’s Death:
Lori was a character that many people had many opinions on. The episode where she gives birth was so incredibly intense on so many levels. The image of the actual birth with Maggie giving her a c-section was gruesome, but really well done, and well acted. The act of Carl putting down his mother, which the viewer doesn’t see, only see’s Maggie’s reaction as he walks out stone faced, is stunning. This all culminates to the episode ending with Rick’s hard shell cracking for the first time. Rick breaks down and cries. He truly grieves the loss of his life, and probably his world. Andrew Lincoln was extraordinary in this scene. The viewer felt like their guts were being ripped out as they saw the hero completely broken. I don’t think any viewer can dispute this pivitol episode changed the course of the season, and the show.

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