Vinegar Syndrome Announces October Releases

by Rob Caprilozzi

The folks at Vinegar Syndrome have revealed their October releases which include hard to find titles.

Headlining the month is their first 4k UHD release since May, Rene Manzor’s spellbinding action/thriller/horror/fantasy masterpiece, Dial Code Santa Claus. This special limited edition embossed slipcover (designed by Tom Hodge) is limited to 4,000 units and  follows a young boy who  is obsessed with action movies and video games. So much so that, when his mother is out, he delights in turning the sprawling mansion where he and his invalid grandfather live into a makeshift battleground; concocting and setting elaborate traps. Home alone, grandfather aside, on Christmas Eve, Thomas is soon faced with an unexpected – and very unwelcome – guest, a department store Santa Claus who is, in fact, a deranged escapee from a nearby asylum!

The movie stars Alain Lalanne, Patrick Floersheim, Louis Ducreux and Brigitte Fossey.

Next up is William T. Naud’s gory WHODUNIT? This special limited-edition Earl Kessler Jr. slipcover is limited to 3,000 units and is only available only through the distribution company.

The plot follows a group of hopeful young actors have been assembled to prepare for their roles in what they’ve been told will be a very unique, family oriented film. But on their first night, one of them is horribly boiled alive and dies. Although initially assumed to be an accident, as other mangled and mutilated bodies begin to appear, it becomes apparent that a madman is lurking among them and seems to be concocting all of the diabolical deaths in accordance with the macabre lyrics to an obscure song…

Continuing their tribute to Mexico’s top splatter master, Rubén Galindo Jr., is their Blu-ray debut of his first film, Cemetery of Terror, in which an undead satanist disembowels rule breaking teens before unleashing a bunch of fellow zombies.

And at last, José Ramón Larraz film Rest in Pieces, has been restored in 4K from the films original negative.

More information on these treats can be found on the company’s website. Keep it locked to Horror News Network for the latest from Vinegar Syndrome.

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