Vamplets: The Nightmare Nursery in March

by Brian Uhe

From Action Lab Entertainment.

Teenager Destiny Harper is at a crossroad in her life. Graduation is coming, and she has zero prospects for the future. Answering an ad for “The Night Care Nursery” seems like a great idea, until she is magically transported to Gloomvania, where dark creatures lurk the streets, and the world is being mysteriously overrun by baby vampyres called Vamplets! Can Destiny serve her term as Governess of “The Nightmare Nursery” and return home? Fairy tales get a modern update in this coming of age tales of monsters, mayhem, and magic!

Written by Gayle Middleton and Dave Dwonch and art by Amanda Coronado with covers by Amanda Coronado, William Blakenship and Gayle Middleton.




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