Vampirella’s Sister Stars In Her Own Comic In February

by Thomas Tuna

Draculina–the kid sister of everyone’s favorite “party ghoul” Vampirella–will land a spinoff comic book series early next year–and she looks ready for her coming-out bash.

Draculina No1 from Dynamite Entertainment–which will hit comic book shops Feb. 9, 2022–draws inspiration from the character introduced way back in Vampirella No2 (1969), but who has appeared sparingly since then. Check out the enticing covers and interior art on this Teen+-rated comic book, courtesy of, on this page.

The series is written by Christopher Priest (Vampirella) and illustrated by Michael Sta. Maria (Vengeance of Vampirella), aided and abetted by colorist Ivan Nunes and letterer Willie Schubert.

The covers have been rendered by Collette Turner, Rose Besch, Guillem March, Rafael Kayanan and Judy Jong. Draculina No1 even has a cosplay cover, with Panda Valentine dressed as the leading character.

The new series will follow Draculina–who has often pitted herself against her older sister–as she poses as a celebrity called River East, “who finds her soul linked with a pre-teen and homeless vampire groupie named Katie,” according to the official synopsis.

Priest said this comic book deals with “one child and two destinies. It’s a metaphor for life: the road not traveled. Every day, each of us makes choices that lead to varying consequences which affect our reality.”

The comic book character of Vampirella–created by writer Forrest J. Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins–first appeared in Warren Publishing’s Vampirella No. 1, a sister magazine of Creepy and Eerie. By the way, the cover for that first issue was drawn by legendary artist Frank Frazetta.

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