Vampire Season coming to iOS

Today 6waves and Brainz, Latin America’s rising star game developers, announced their upcoming iOS tower defense/real-time strategy game, Vampire Season. On June 28, players must assemble an army of boogiemen, vampires, zombies, and other aberrations to protect the coveted coffin of Dracula sought after by vampire hunters, jocks, interior decorators, and other "classical" Dracula haters on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. Thanks to the 21st Century’s general lack of online privacy (Thanks 4square!), Dracula’s secret hideout has been revealed and it’s up to players’ defense and strategy skills to protect him from a horde of big game hunters. Vampire Season will stamp a grin on the evil side of people’s brains as it delivers nuclear pumpkins, disco balls, pirates, princes, ninjas, and other invaders that have no idea how they got there, and honestly, neither do we. This unique game not only respects the intelligence of its players, it challenges it. Vampire Season features Laugh your way through 30 swamps, dungeons, forests, and laboratories across three haunting worlds.

Check out the Vampire Season coming to iOS.

Vampire Season horror game
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