‘Uprising’–Netflix Vampire Feature–Lands Director

by Thomas Tuna

Travis Knight will sink his teeth into a new vampire project planned for Netflix.

Knight–who directed Bumblebee, the 2018 live-action spinoff of the Transformers series–has signed on to helm Uprising for Netflix, as reported by Deadline. No details on production or casting have been revealed at this time.

The upcoming film will adapt Raymond Villareal’s A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising–with a screenplay by Jeremy Slater, who wrote Death Note (2017) and created the Moon Knight TV series for Disney+ (slated to debut next year). Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen of Stranger Things fame will produce the movie.

The film’s storyline is unknown at this early stage, but the 2018 novel begins when the body of a young woman walks out of the town morgue (sounds suspicious). And then, more bodies, “dead of a mysterious disease that solidifies their blood, are brought to the morgue and disappear.” The authorities come to the conclusion that “an epidemic of vampirism” is sweeping the country.

These vampires–“impossibly strong, smart, poised, beautiful and commanding”–call themselves Gloamings and quickly rise to prominence in all areas of society. One of them even decides to do the truly impossible: to run for political office.

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