“Unsolved Mysteries” Set To Be Released Digitally

by Sean McLaughlin

Fans of the very popular television program “Unsolved Mysteries“, which ran from 1987 until 2002 and again in 2008, will be ecstatic to learn that film and television distributor FilmRise plans to release classic episodes beginning this month.  FilmRise, which recently acquired worldwide digital distribution rights to the show, is looking to launch on digital and streaming platforms.  FilmRise plans to release all episodes from both runs of the show.

“We’re pleased to be releasing this celebrated series to a large audience of fans both old and new,” said Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise. “Unsolved Mysteries is an American tradition that FilmRise is excited to preserve.”

The series spent ten seasons as part of NBC’s prime-time lineup before moving over to CBS until 2002.  Law and Order’s Dennis Farina hosted the revamped show, which appeared for a brief run in 2008.  Unsolved Mysteries examined cold cases in everything ranging from murder to the supernatural.  Original host Robert Stack became synonymous with the ultra-creepy to millions of children of the ’80s and ’90s, as his trench-coat-through-the-smoke demeanor demanded we be scared of everything.

As a fan during my teen years, this show was a cornerstone.  Of particular interest to me was “The Unexplained”, the category provided to all ghost stories that would make the airwaves.  While the stories were eerie, many that were broadcast led to breakthroughs in the case providing a happy ending for many.  The show received several Emmy nominations and was looked upon favorably by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI.

While FilmRise has not yet announced a start date for the series or any specific digital or streaming service that will offer episodes of the show, it is expected to become available later this month.

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