‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Will Screen With Two Different Theatrical Endings

by Nick Banks

Taking a page from 1985’s classic mystery-comedy ClueUnfriended: Dark Web will screen with two different endings this weekend.  In true mystery fashion, it also appears that the producers were not planning on revealing this detail until after people paid to see the film.  Which one will you get?  Only the projectionist knows!

According to IndiewireUnfriended: Dark Web (which takes place entirely on a computer screen) “…premiered at South by Southwest earlier this year, and no mention of an alternate ending was made then. Blumhouse’s latest offering appears to have either added the new conclusion or simply saved it for theatrical audiences, though that’s yet to be confirmed.”

The mystery was revealed when Rob Trench tweeted out a memo to projectionists, stating that the film had two endings. Blumhouse has not responded to inquires from media sources, but unless something changes, you may be in for a surprise when you discuss the ending of the film with your friends and neighbors!

Check out the official memo below and stay tuned for more information about Unfriended: Dark Web and everything else in the horror universe, right here at Horror News Network.

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