Undead Hunt available now for Android

by Rob Caprilozzi

We received word today that Undead Hunt is now available. Here are the official details:

UarbaSoft Team is proud to announce the release of Undead Hunt (formerly known during the open beta, as TSUZP! a zombie tale), a tactical hybrid squad based game, where four mates have to counter nearly endless zombies.

In the making of the game, our main objective was to create a rich game with controls specifically designed for the touchscreen: you tell your men where to go drawing the path to follow, toss grenades via radial menu or gestures, pinch the map in and out, and we are very satisfied of the result.

The gameplay has two phases: a preliminary “strategic phase” where you build a defense, choosing a defensive spot and setting up barricades with the furniture found on the map, laying down traps to thin the ranks of the horde, and selecting what weapons to equip; a subsequent “active phase” where you actually fend off the waves of undead, managing your arsenal to not prematurely run out of ammo, timely using grenades or molotovs to clear the way, and repairing the barricades to keep the zombies out of reach.

Undead Hunt is available for free, albeit advertising-supported, on Google Play™. This basic edition contains the full Story mode. The Premium Pass (3.99$) disables the ads and unlocks additional game modes survival and arcade; the Cheater Pass (3.99$) unlocks the cheats.

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