‘Un-Halloween Horror Sale’ Features Games Galore

by Thomas Tuna

Horror gamers don’t have to wait for October and Halloween to indulge in their favorite pastime this year.

Microsoft is hosting a special “Un-Halloween Horror Sale” on the XBox Store now through April 27, highlighting great deals on dozens of horror titles, according to gamespot.com.

Horror fans who are looking for games to play on XBox One will probably find something in their price range and interest, including such multi-player games as Dead By Daylight: Special Edition ($12 from $30) and Friday the 13th: The Game ($5 from $20).

Also, the open-world survival horror game 7 Ways To Die has been discounted to $18 from $30.

If you’re in the market for story-driven horror games (and who isn’t?), this might be the sale for you. Bloober Team’s Layers Of Fear, that tells the tale of a tortured artist, is on sale for $5, down from $20. And if you want to bundle that game with the company’s Observer (starring a detective who hacks into the minds of others), the set costs $16, down from $40.

Truly hard-core horror gamers can pick up Outlast: Bundle Of Terror ($5, down from $25). In this game, players reportedly take on the persona of a daring journalist who becomes involved with a hospital populated by homicidal patients. Sounds serious.

The sequel to this game, Outlast 2 ($7.49, down from $30), reportedly takes you through even more horrific scenarios.

Whichever game you choose, it looks like you can bring the eerie atmosphere of Halloween into your living room–in April.

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