‘Twin Peaks’ To Start Production in September

by Lynn Sorel

At Showtime’s TCA executive session, network president David Nevins announced that the upcoming ‘Twin Peaks’ series from David Lynch and Mark Frost will begin proudction in September.  Lynch will be directing all of the episodes from the script that he and Frost wrote.  The series was written in the form of one long script. Lynch will be shooting continuously as a movie, and cut it into episodes.  It will likely run longer than the 9 episodes that were originally envisioned for the series, with the exact number still unknown.  

Nevins didn’t comment on the casting, aside from the announcement of returning star Kyle Maclachlan, however, he said “you should be optimistic that the people you want to be there will be there, in addition to some surprises.”  

The series maybe be ready for a 2016 debut. It was originally set to premiere in 2017.

Nevins commented on the controversy regarding Lynch’s temporary departure, saying “I never had doubt we would get him back, Twin Peaks is a huge priority for us. It became clear it would take more than nine episodes, which we had planned and budgeted for. We had to sort that out. Lynch wanted to direct all episodes, and we wanted him to direct all episodes. We are looking to be in great shape.”

Source: Deadline

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