TV Spot For ‘Godzilla: Minus One’ Stomps In Before Debut

by Thomas Tuna

Man, what a mess!

Godzilla rips Japan to shreds (once again) in the latest teaser for the upcoming Godzilla: Minus One from Soho Inc. Check out the brief (but violent) clip on this page.

The film–written and directed by Takahashi Yamazaki–hits domestic theaters Dec. 1. Rated PG-13 for “creature violence.” this feature is the 33rd Japanese-language installment in the iconic kaiju series, and the 37th entry overall.

The movie–set in post-war Japan–shows the terror of Godzilla rising again. Will the frightened population survive–let alone fight back? Toho president Koji Ueda described Godzilla in this new film as a “terrifying and overwhelming force.”

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