Troy Brownfield Talks ‘Blood Queen vs. Dracula’

by Rob Caprilozzi

The Prince of Darkness clashes with Elizabeth Bathory in this explosive new mini-series! Dracula returns from war to face a potential threat in the form of the Blood Queen. Whether they become allies or adversaries, there will be blood!

We caught up with writer, Troy Brownfield to talk about this upcoming crossover event.

Horror News Network: How did this crossover come about?

Troy Brownfield:  We had done a Blood Queen series at Dynamite last year, and we all felt that it was creatively successful.  When looking at possible things to do in terms of a second go-round, the idea of a crossover of some type was floated. My immediate thought was “Dracula”. It made so much sense for the character and the added bonus of my other Dynamite project last year.

Horror News Network: In what era does this crossover take place?

Troy Brownfield: We put it squarely in the early 1580s. It’s two years after the end of Blood Queen #6, and nearly 150 years after Dracula would have become a vampire. Historically, Transylvania (future Romania) and Hungary have been struggling against the Ottoman Empire. That’s crucial.

Horror News Network: You have had experience in writing Dracula in the past. What can fans expect from the vampire this time around?

Troy Brownfield: This is, of course, a younger Dracula than the one we see in the classic novel; it’s still about 300 years and change before the events of the novel. So he’s a little more rash, but no less intelligent. He’s also trying to ferociously blunt the ongoing advance of the Ottomans into his lands. In essence, we see a little more of him as soldier and patriot in the beginning. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t see seducer and monster; you definitely will.

Horror News Network: Last year you introduced the comic world to Elizabeth Bathory in Blood Queen.  Do you think this crossover with the Lord of the Vampires will now make her a staple in the Dynamite Universe?

Troy Brownfield: I’d hope so. There’s still a lot that I would like to do with the Blood Queen; I know exactly what I would do with another opportunity. She fits in well with Dynamite’s stable of supernatural females like Vampirella and the Chaos ladies.

Horror News Network: What can readers expect in terms of blood and guts from this mini-series?

Troy Brownfield: Oh, they’re there. The first issue opens with a battle between Dracula’s forces and an Ottoman column moving through the mountains. It finds the dark prince in a rather unforgiving mood. Throughout the mini, you get to see Dracula and Elizabeth doling out the harshness to their enemies in some pretty dramatic ways. It’s not the most important element, but it’s definitely there.

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about the artwork by Kewber Baal in this series?

Troy Brownfield:  I love Kewber’s work. He’s tremendously talented and has a great mind for action and visual continuity. He’s also great at capturing the different moods of a character. Dracula has a bit of dry humor to him, but he can be ferociously angry and vengefully violent. Kewber really gets that across. Similarly, he gets both the beauty of menace of Elizabeth. Kewber is ably abetted by the excellent colorist Kirsty Marks (who makes huge contributions to the atmosphere) and letterer Marshall Dillon (who comfortably renders all the crazy font ideas that I suggest). They are an outstanding team.

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about the Blood Queen vs. Dracula miniseries?

Troy Brownfield:  I think that it’s an exciting book, packed with strong character work and action. There are some genuine horror moments, and I do my best to do well by these immortal figures. The art team is operating at a high level, and I think that we have a lot of offer fans of horror. If nothing else, they should check out the first book. I think they’ll get hooked (and want to go back for the Blood Queen series, too). 


Horror News Network: Thanks for your time, Troy! Best of luck with this mini-series.

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