Troma Entertainment’s Lloyd Kaufman Joins Joe Bob Briggs For ‘The Last Drive-In’

by Nick Banks

This season’s The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs has been chock-full of special guests (along with all of the typical features that fans of Briggs love about Shudder’s appointment viewing phenomenon).  So far this season, Briggs has already welcomed wrestling superstar Chris Jericho, Chopping Mall’s Kelli Maroney, and special effects wizard Tom Savini to the Drive-In.

On this week’s episode of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs (streaming Friday, May 15, at 9PM ET), the affable host welcomes one of his long-time compatriots, Troma Entertainment’s very own Lloyd Kaufman.

Briggs remembers when “I knew Lloyd Kaufman when he was a young man struggling to make a living by releasing one cheap exploitation film after another. After a rich and varied career at the helm of Troma Films, he has risen to the top of the indie business and today . . . releases TWO cheap exploitation films at a time. Let us praise his legacy of distributing hundreds of indie films, all of them made with cameras.”

Kaufman took to twitter to reveal the film that he and Briggs will discuss, Troma’s War, a film that Kaufman calls “My most personal film”.

Tune in tonight to witness the meeting of the minds of these two personalities (along with some accompanying banter which each gentleman is well known for).


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