‘Trick ‘R Treat’ Sequel Won’t Bring Back Original Cast

by Thomas Tuna

Sam’s looking for some new blood.

The 2007 horror-comedy anthology Trick ‘r Treat was released in theaters earlier this month for the first time ever, and it also was announced that a sequel is in “active development,” according to original director Michael Dougherty.

Not much is yet known about the sequel, but Dougherty did confirm he is returning to write the screenplay and direct the feature. The filmmaker also explained–according to a report on comicbook.com–that the original film’s stars–including Brian Cox, Anna Paquin and Dylan Baker–are unlikely to reprise their roles in the sequel.

Dougherty said those actors won’t return, “because I feel that’s very much the approach and style of American Horror Story. I’d rather stay consistent. If I’m bringing cast members back, it would be in the same roles–not that that’s currently a plan within the piece. To me, it would throw me off.”

Dougherty also confirmed the sequel will not delve into an origin story for the burlap sack-wearing Sam (played by Quinn Lord).

Comparing it to how filmmakers treated A Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, Dougherty said, “I think Freddy works. I think his origin is an exception because it only made him scarier. It’s one thing to create a fun, mysterious origin for a character–but I feel a lot of studios have overthought it.”

The original Trick ‘r Treat–written and directed by Dougherty and produced by Bryan Singer–tells four Halloween stories with the common thread being Sam– a trick-or-treater wearing a burlap sack and orange footie pajamas–running through them.

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