Trick Or Treat Studios ToyFair 2022 Review

by Sean McLaughlin

At the 2020 New York Toy Fair, the folks over at Trick Or Treat Studios had a surprise for us all.  The company synonymous with horror movie masks, props and replicas had a new line of products designed to compete with the horror toy heavyweights like NECA and Mezco.  As seen in the HNN coverage of the 2020 Toy Fair, Trick Or Treat blessed us with their new concept of 6” horror action figures featuring many of our favorite franchises and icons along with some out-of-the-box delights as well.

The global pandemic has robbed the horror toy community of an in-person NY Toy Fair for two years now, but Trick Or Treat has treated us to their virtual version of Toy Fair to keep us all informed and rabid with anticipation along the way.  For this year, the Trick Or Treat ToyFair 2022 has been a pleasant surprise of existing and new movie licenses in the 1:6 scale, and even the introduction of a new “throwback” line of figures that will bring several horror favorites to plastic life for the very first time.  With one reveal per day, the past week has been a masterclass in building anticipation and exceeding expectations so let’s get to the highlights for each of the seven days, complete with their YouTube video announcement…..

Day 1 (February 28th)

What’s better than one Michael Myers?  How about two (and a side of Loomis)!  A 1:6 scale rendering of Michael (1998’s H2O), Michael (2022’s Halloween: Resurrection) and Dr. Loomis (take your pick), complete with weapon accessories and soft goods, will be available for pre-order in Summer 2022.


Day 2 (March 1st)

Speaking of the chronology of a horror icon, check out the three upcoming Leatherface 1:6 figures about to be unleashed upon the horror masses!  The chainsaw-wielding psycho are sculpted in his likenesses from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (very underrated), TCM Part III, and the 2003 TCM remake.  These will also be up for pre-order in Summer 2022!


Day 3 (March 2nd)

Going a little off the beaten path, Trick Or Treat showcased two awesome figures from the Hammer Horror series.  Christopher Lee’s The Monster from 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein and Lee’s Count Dracula portrayal which graced the big screen SEVEN times are given the 1:6 scale treatment and look to be a must for any fan or collector of classic horror.  Expect these to be up for sale starting in Summer 2002.


Day 4 (March 3rd)

Yet another seminal film in horror movie franchise which has not received the toy or product love that it should is 1985’s Return of the Living Dead.  After all…..would there be a Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland without this cult classic?  Trick Or Treat will add Tarman to its 1:6 line, complete with split dog AND barrel of trioxin 245!  On the fence?  Just know that Tarman is still in the barrel and if his eyes open…..please call the number of the barrel immediately.

Tarman will be up for pre-order in Summer 2022.


Day 5 (March 4th)

The fifth day of reveals brings with it a big announcement, as Trick Or Treat will debut a new line of action figures modeled after horror figures of the “late 90s, early 2000s” (read between the lines there.)  These impressively-detailed 8” figures appear to be the spiritual successor to Mezco/Aztec’s “Silent Screamers” and McFarlane Toys “Movie Maniacs” lines from that time period, and look every bit as fun and collectable.  The complexity is scaled back, with a return to five points of articulation.  The best part is…..several underrated and under-loved horror movies will receive figures such as Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Pumpkinhead and Motel Hell!

Look for “Screen Greats” to hit the pre-order space in Mid/Late 2022.

Day 6 (March 5th)

Troma is getting some major Trick Or Treat love!  The Toxic Avengers action figure line is getting a major reboot, with Toxie himself being the inaugural release.  The highly-detailed piece appears to be 4 ½” to 5” in scale, and already poseable giving it an automatic advantage over the Series7 release of ReAction Toxie figures from 2020.  Again, look to pre-order this baby in Summer 2022.


Day 7 (March 6th)

And they saved the best (and BIGGEST) for last!  From the sewers of Derry comes 50 inches of psychotic alien in the form of the clown prince Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT.  This figure is by far the largest they’ve created thus far, and will absolutely haunt any darkened room or crawl space in your soon-to-be-abandoned home.  Not sure yet if it floats though.

Look for the 50” Pennywise pre-order sometime in Summer 2022.


Trick Or Treat is taking a massive step forward in the horror figure market with last week’s reveals, and have officially announced their entry into the upper echelon of the horror toy market.  Summer can’t come soon enough!

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