Trick Or Treat Studios Debuts The ‘Halloween’ Game

by Thomas Tuna

Here’s a real life-and-death game.

Halloween–the iconic 1978 John Carpenter horror masterpiece–has been the springboard for a slew of sequels (and even more pale comparisons), and now it has inspired a new board game from Trick or Treat Studios.

The Halloween game (check out the images on this page) is available for pre-orders now through Trick or Treat, and is expected to start shipping Aug. 1.

In the game, one player assumes the role of Michael Myers, with the others controlling Laurie Strode and her friends “as they scramble to find weapons, the kids and a way to escape,” according to the description.

Designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, this one-versus-many game is made even more challenging because Myers can only be seen when a player is looking directly at him.

The original Halloween–directed and scored by Carpenter from a screenplay he wrote with Debra Hill–stars Jamie Lee Curtis (in her film debut), Donald Pleasence and Nancy Loomis. As all horror fans know, the film centers on Myers, who escapes from a sanitarium, returns to his hometown and stalks a babysitter and her friends.

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