Travel Channel Acquires Josh Gates’ ‘Destination Truth’

by Nick Banks

Fans of “the real-life Indiana Jones” Josh Gates will be pleased to hear that the Travel Channel has recently acquired Gates’ original monster hunting series Destination Truth.  

Those who are familiar with Gates’ current Travel Channel hit, Expedition Unknown, will get to see the original series (which aired on Syfy from 2007 to 2012) which up to now has only been available as an expensive download or low quality DVD release of the first season.

Gates is excited that the series that made him famous is now available to all viewers and describes the series as “… some of my most unusual, thrilling, weird, and often hilarious travel adventures.  It’s all about real investigations of fascinating mysteries – from sightings of cryptozoological creatures to otherworldly phenomena, we point our compass toward the unexplained. It’s a wild ride, and the truth, as they say, is out there.”

Destination Truth’s 43 episodes began airing on the Travel Channel on May 18th and will continue throughout the summer (primarily on Friday and Wednesday nights) and for the foreseeable future.

When Expedition Unknown first debuted in 2015, some fans were surprised that the series focused on treasure hunting more than “monster hunts”, but Gates did feature a three part Yeti expedition last season and with the acquisition of Destination Truth, perhaps more of his traditional supernatural investigation topics will make their way into his current program.  Whatever happens in the future, Destination Truth will serve as a fine companion to Expedition Unknown, which carries the same brand of knowledge and humor that Gates is known for.

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