Trailer Swims Into View For Aquatic Thriller ‘Shark Bait’

by Thomas Tuna

Summer is right around the corner, so can the sharks be far behind?

Shark Bait–the latest in a long line of post-Jaws hopefuls–does not yet have a release date, but a tension-filled trailer dropped this week to keep fans of this sub-genre on the edge of their seats. Check out the video–courtesy of–on this page.

The film–which (thankfully) changed titles from Jetski–was directed by James Nunn (second unit director on 47 Meters Down) from a screenplay by Nick Saltrese (Recovery). The cast (the obligatory shark bait) includes Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, Catherine Amy Hannay, Malachi Pullar-Latchman and Thomas Michael Flynn.

Shark Bait follows a group of young people enjoying Spring Break in Mexico who get the bright idea to steal a couple of jetskis and head out to sea. As luck would have it, they wind up in a terrible head-on collision. Cue the sharks.

The group finds itself “stranded two miles from one land on the remaining jetski, and struggling with a badly injured friend,” according to the logline. “With no clear way home–and predators circling in the waters–the true horror begins.”

Executive producer Al Munteanu said “finding real freshness in this genre is the holy grail, and we believe Shark Bait has the unexpected twists and turns to become the next guilty pleasure that speaks to everyone’s desire not to get devoured.”

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