Trailer Revealed for ‘Killing Floor: Uncovered’

by Rob Caprilozzi

Tripwire Interactive, developer and publisher of the KILLING FLOOR franchise, in partnership with film production company  Type AB, is pleased to announce the release of their exciting, live-action short film, KILLING FLOOR: UNCOVERED. Inspired by the events that occurred in the popular video game franchise, KILLING FLOOR: UNCOVERED is sure to deliver an action packed experience that both gamers and horror film fans alike will love!

“We’ve wanted to open up the whole KILLING FLOOR universe for the longest time. There is just so much fun that players, fans and we can have with the whole thing that we jumped at the chance to do an actual live-action piece with these guys,” said Alan Wilson, Vice President of Tripwire Interactive. “We want to tell more stories in the KF universe, about the characters, the bad guys. Big stories and little stories. So we really hope that KILLING FLOOR: UNCOVERED is just the first of many stories to come, in many media forms!”

What started out as a small outbreak at the Horzine Biotech facilities subsequently triggered the events of the original KILLING FLOOR and even sees residual effects creeping into the fabric of the upcoming KILLING FLOOR 2. KILLING FLOOR: UNCOVERED exposes viewers to familiar content that runs through the veins and DNA of the much beloved franchise. With tie-ins into the bloody universe, the film unearths the origins of how the deadly creatures called Zeds came to be, through the lens of a small activist group seeking evidence against the evil Horzine Corporation.

“The foundation of Type AB is a twenty four year friendship – one that was built on an intense love for genre films. It was obvious from our very first meeting with Tripwire that they had grown up on the same steady diet of comics, movies and video games,” said Adam Schindler of Type AB and Co-Writer / Director of KILLING FLOOR: UNCOVERED. “We are thrilled that they invited us into their family and allowed us to play in their twisted little sandbox. There are so many more stories that we’d love to tell in the KILLING FLOOR universe – here’s hoping this is just the first of many collaborations between Tripwire Interactive and Type AB.”

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