Trailer Revealed for Blood Shed

by Rob Caprilozzi

Writer/Director Patrick Hasson wants to take you deep into the dark underbelly of the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles in his newest horror tale ‘Blood Shed.’


“Since moving to Los Angeles, I had always been very aware of the homeless epidemic. People living in the streets, their cars, and RVs parked along obscure stretches of road in every neighborhood in LA. But it wasn’t until I was helping a friend move some belongings into a storage shed in Hollywood that I realized the homeless were living in storage sheds as well. It blew my mind.”


After discovering several prostitutes living in decked-out storage sheds while keeping under the radar of management, Hasson began to question how widespread this problem was. It wasn’t until years later, finding himself both unemployed and homeless, did he revisit the concept of the homeless living in storage sheds.


“I owned a shed at the time and sleeping in my car was getting real old, so I thought ‘why not? How bad could it be?’


“The first few nights I slept in the unit were freaky–and I soon realized that I was not alone. I kept hearing footsteps. On one night in particular, the footsteps stopped right outside my door. Someone knew I was inside. I was terrified, but eventually, they moved on. The next night, I could hear a typewriter. By the fourth night of incessant tapping, I went looking for the source. Several hallways over, I found an old man sitting in front of a typewriter, typing in front of an open unit.

It was such a haunting image: the unit packed with the contents of his entire life. He didn’t say a word to me, so I continued on, but in that moment, I realized every selfstorage unit is a story unto itself, filled with forgotten and discarded pieces of people’s lives. A theme that beats at the heart of ‘Blood Shed.'”


Months later, after getting back onto his feet and into an apartment, Hasson would visit his shed nightly to write the screenplay that would later become ‘Blood Shed.’


“I couldn’t write it anywhere else–I needed to be in that space. A self-storage facility is such an intriguing backdrop for a horror film because it is such a creepy space–intimate yet barren–each shed filled with only God-knows-what. I had read articles about families, meth labs, even dead bodies being found in storage sheds.”


“It’s a whole new arena for horror. I feel the world of Blood Shed and the evil that lies within it are going to scare the sh%t out of people in ways they’ve never been scared.”


‘Blood Shed’ will be released nationwide on March 4th, 2014.

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