Trailer For ‘Dead By Daylight: Alien’ Introduces Ellen Ripley

by Thomas Tuna

Get out now before…oh no, too late.

Dead by Daylight: Alien–the latest crossover horror video game from Behaviour Interactive–incorporates key elements from the iconic 1979 Alien, and a trailer dropped this week that spotlights Ellen Ripley’s first encounter with the Xenomorph amid the Nostromo wreckage. Check out the chilling video on this page.

The new game–that debuts on all platforms Aug. 29–introduces Ripley as the newest survivor, pitted against the Xenomorph as the latest killer.

In the game, the big, ugly alien is “the embodiment of the stealth killer” that can attack with its tail and use a power called Runner Mode that allows it to walk on four legs and become even stealthier.

In addition, the game’s new map is set against the backdrop of the destroyed Nostromo. “Creating the Xenomorph’s tunnel system was very challenging,” said game designer Janick Neveu. “We never created a sub-level that could only be accessible to the killer before.”

The new mechanic, Neveu explained, “grants it map-wide mobility and amps up the scare factor–which feels very connected to the original character.”

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