Top Horror Movie Kill Scenes

by Larry Dwyer

By: Larry Dwyer

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim that this list encompasses the best, scariest or goriest kills in horror movie history; this is just a list of personal favorites.

Okay, now that we’ve got the disclaimer out of the way, we can have some fun! I got to thinking about all of the movie kills that disturbed, excited and scared me and I came up with a pretty long list…I probably could have made this a “Top 25” but in the interest of time, I cut it down to ten.

Also, there were some film deaths that I wanted to include in this list (the final scene of “Excision”, just to name one) but alas, but I could not locate video clips of the scenes that I wanted so I cut them out (pun intended).

Here we go!

Friday the 13th Part VII – Sleeping bag bash!
In my opinion, this is one of the best kills of this entire franchise. I remember seeing this in the theater and laughing to the point that people were telling me to shut up. Amazing.

Hatchet – Victor Crowley rips a lady’s head in half.
Instant “LOL’s”. Bless Adam Green’s sick little heart.

Final Destination – Airplane disaster.
Alright, this isn’t even funny. I’m mildly afraid of flying as it is and this scene does not help to alleviate that fear.

The Omen (1976) – Priest skewered by piece of his church.
I think I was a nine year old altar boy when I first saw this and even then I grasped the blasphemy of this glorious bit of film.

Day of the Dead (1985) – Rhodes gets ripped in half.
Never has there been a more deserving death in horror history; this guy was a dick.

Halloween II (1981) – Nurse picked up with a scalpel.
This one always stuck with me. Just the way that Michael comes out of nowhere and lifts her up with a scalpel…love it!

Hellraiser – Frank gets more than just his soul torn apart.
Two of the most perfect words in horror history: “Jesus wept”


Wolf Creek – Head on a stick.
Fuck, how disturbing was this scene? This guy is the anti-Crocodile Dundee.

City of the Living Dead – Drill to the dome.
Literally gave me nightmares for weeks as a kid.

Martyrs – Lucie mows down a whole family.
Bloody hell. Literally. This whole movie is disturbing so if you’ve never seen it, don’t think this is the only scene worth seeing; the whole thing is insane.


Well, that’s it kids! Like I said, it’s not all of my favorites but I think I nailed my top ones. I’d love to hear your favorites and what should have been on my list.

Stay gory, my friends.

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