Tony Jaa Tweets Out First Look at ‘Monster Hunter’

by Sean McLaughlin

While the much-anticipated film adaptation of the video game Monster Hunter is continuing principal photography in both South Africa and Namibia, one of its stars is using social media to get us all hyped up.  Tony Jaa, who portrays “The Hunter”, today released the first look at the both he and co-star Milla Jovovich in action via his official Twitter account.  The tweet and picture from the set can be seen below.

Monster Hunter, a joint venture between Constantin Film, Impact Pictures and Sony’s Screen Gems, began shooting back in October with lofty expectations.  Besides Jovovich, several others involved in the successful Resident Evil franchise are also involved in the project and similar box office totals are already expected.  Jaa’s reveal of the in-action pair will drum up plenty of expectation, while fans patiently wait for the finished product.  Jaa and Jovovich lead the impressive cast, which also includes Ron Perlman (Hell Boy), rapper Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris and Meagan Good (Saw V) among others.  The film will be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat), who also assumed the screenwriting duties.

Monster Hunter the game was released in 2004 for the Sony PlayStation 2 console.  The series enjoyed almost immediate success particularly in Asia, and became a hit in North America beginning in 2010 with the release of the third title (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate) for the Nintendo 3DS.  In Monster Hunter, players take on the role of a hunter, tracking and killing large monsters across numerous and fantastic landscapes and environments.  Treasure and wealth are accumulated with each kill, allowing for upgrades on weaponry and abilities.  The game is available in both single and multi-player format.  As of early 2018, Capcom had sold more than 45 million copies in the franchise worldwide and are now available across all popular video game consoles.

Monster Hunter is scheduled to be released domestically in 2019, though no specific date has yet been announced.  Keep tuned to HNN for more news on the Monster Hunter movie as it breaks!


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